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GCSE English, Maths and Science Tuition

The Aspire Academy and tuition is the ideal learning environment for students who need additional or extra support with maths English or science. Pupils who have been excluded, suspended, or at risk of failing, need to be learning, young people who are not in education and need tuition.

The Aspire Academy and Tuition services are operated by a group of educationalist and lecturers in their own respective fields of Maths, English and Science to GCSE and A levels, to the national curriculum as well as in other fields including Business, ICT and Health and Social Care, Mentoring and Study Skills. 

One-to- one initial assessment

 We are highly qualified, DBS teachers and trainers with a combined 67 years of teaching experience, at different levels. Academic ownership and specialist tuition experience for improving and preparing children and adults for Further and higher education as well as international and local career development. We provide one-to- one initial assessment with potential students that will reveal both strengths and areas for development. Young people who have educational barriers, exclusions and those classified as NEETS, should be in mainstream education but those who are not are at risk of failing for the rest of their lives.

What is the best time for my child to start preparing for exams?

Children should start preparing from year 4 to develop full understanding of various topics and to learn number of strategies. 

Our lecturers are independent education consultants and we can advise families on the right educational options and schools open to the family.   

We estimate that after 18 supplementary sessions (i.e. for students who are already at school) a pupil should be ready, to sit pass and obtain a higher than predicted grade, in their final exam.