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Hi there, my name is Yasmine Ben Salmi. I dream of becoming an orthodontist or a plastic surgeon someday. In my book I am going to explore the fascinating world of NEUROLOGY with Utibe Umoh. Come explore the medical industry with me in this medical series where I get to ask a host of neurologists thought-provoking questions.

The Abundant Adventure

Too much screen time and too little outside play is holding back kids. Parents are often told that they need to get their children outside to play to avoid childhood obesity. Unfortunately childhood obesity is more widespread now than ever before.

Influencing System

The YouSmart- 365 Days Of Influencing system was created to assist you in getting into a daily habit of creating content consistently and with ease.

A Family of Masterclass

Brunel University London (B.U.L) has given the Ben Salmi family the opportunity to participate in Masterclasses covering Engineering, Computer Science and currently the Environmental Agency Masterclass.

To Inspire 1 MILLION Young People

Purpose: To inspire 1 million young people to explore their internal and external world through the teaching of self-discovery, exploration and engineering planting one seed at a time

I am A leader

Amire the billionaire" is the inspiring story of a young boy with a passion for technology and a dream of changing the world.