Inspiring teachers, tutors and managers

Mr Hamzah Muhammad Trustee

Hamzah is the founder of the Aspire Academy & tuition Ltd, is a qualified teacher, has a Cert.Ed, Level 5 C&G Diploma in Teaching Mathematice in the Lifelong Learning sector, MSET and is Course Programme Manager  (Trustee). Hamzah is a qualified teacher with over 20 years of teaching in FE and a Functional Skills maths specialist, and has experience in maths and in many areas teaching including; Drama, Martial Arts, Dance, Maths and English. Formally an Artist, trained as a Typographer Designer, graphic arts and media. Worked in many areas and with many corporations, both as a freelance designer to a business owner in marketing. 

Ms Shukri Hanif Trustee

Finance Administration Manager (Trustee). Shukri is also Sighted Support Assistant. She is in charge of a range of services provided by the Aspire Academy & Tuition, including: Accounts, purchasing, invoicing, Welfare advice supporting learners and users of the Aspire Academy services. Shukri brings a wealth of experiences to the Centre. Shukri provides help and support to people in the community connected to the Aspire Academy & Tuition Centre, who requires help and advice in many areas of welfare rights, legal and language support.

Mr Michael Sylvester Trustee

Mr Michael Sylvester is a local Business owner and Manager of the Sylvestors Salon he is also a trustee of The Aspire Academy & Tuition Ltd. Michael is an entrepreneur, with a passion to support young people's development. He has been running his business in the area for a number of years and has great connection with local people and organisations in the London Borough of Ealing.

Ms Aaisha Calliste-St. Louis Trustee

Aaisha is a Trustee of the Aspire Academy & Tuition. She is a qualified Midwife and has worked in different areas of midwifery. She is also a teacheras a teacher and has worked in South Korea for two years as an English teacher. Aaisha has a degree in Biomedical Science. 

Maths Tutors

At the Aspire Academy and Tuition Centre, the teacher applies the 3Rs  model required to engage the student to learn by encouraging independent learning and thinking. 

English Tutors

The Aspire Academy and Tuition is learner friendly and is able to meet the challenges of learners who need support and encouragement. Our Teachers brings out the learners confidence.

Science Tutors

The Aspire Academy and Tuition is well able to provide personalised one to one and small group supported learning, to help build learners confidence and self esteem. 


The Aspire Academy and Tuition inspires, mentors, coaches and supports cognitive development to facilitate learning. Successful learners make ideal mentors, in skills building.